“Patriotism” is a Good Thing . . . Isn’t It?

by Wiz

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I received some feedback about a speech I had given, where I was talking about the value of serving one’s country. I don’t mean just in the military, but in any capacity which directly benefits one’s country as a whole.In my speech I referred to this as “patriotism”.


Well, at least one person didn’t see it that way. This person’s views on what patriotism is – and what it isn’t – are very different than mine. I was surprised by this, because I just took it for granted that everyone defined the word the same way I did. Obviously, that’s not the case.  And one thing I’ve learned – if one person disagrees with me, many more probably do as well. 


So what exactly is patriotism, then? Do we need more of it or less? And what is it about saying “I love my country” that makes so many people uncomfortable, nervous, or downright angry? I had to think about my own beliefs a bit before I felt comfortable commenting on this.


Here’s my answer – along with an historical example. What are your reactions? Do you agree? Or do you think I’m way off base here? Is there something I’ve completely overlooked? (4:20)



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