Tailgate Conversations on Leadership

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Last weekend I had the opportunity to spend some time with about a dozen current and former military leaders.  We had all attended a college football game, and had met together afterwards to socialize and spend time with old friends.  We weren’t talking shop or anything serious – just having a good time and reliving some old memories.

All of us had graduated in the same US Naval Academy class, and had all spent some time as commissioned military officers – some for 5 years, some for 20 years, and at least one is still on active duty after nearly 30 years!  By any measure all of these gentlemen can be considered experienced leaders – both in military and civilian life.  They all took different paths after graduation, yet the similarities in their varied careers were striking.

In casual conversation I asked a couple of them to what they would attribute their leadership successes.  There were several reasons given, but there was one that kept popping up in almost every conversation – and it was NOT one that I was expecting!  I’m curious as to your take on this.  (4:09)

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Ken Breaux July 6, 2008 at 11:27 am

I’m a retired O-5 from Navy active and reserve service. Heard this podcast and concur heartily. I’m in the process of writing a book on the comparison and contrast of the military model applied to civilian work. Been a project manager with EDS and training manager also. The issue of a potential leader understanding the occurence of a critical leadership event and responding appropriately is really critical to their success. Surprising how many miss the opportunity to apply their in influence in this circumstance.

Kenneth Breaux


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